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At Croft Communications, we’re experts in keeping people connected. Delivering a comprehensive range of business broadband and Telephony solutions, we ensure SMEs, large corporate and public sector businesses can communicate effectively, no matter their workforce’s location.

Operating in the technology sector, we’re no strangers to innovation. We are constantly adapting our services to suit the needs of our clients, reacting to the changing environment to deliver appropriate solutions. We developed our Thermal Imaging Solution in response to COVID-19, helping companies return to their physical premises after lockdown, whilst enabling them to keep staff and visitors protected.

Our range of mobile and broadband solutions, coupled with our level of expertise in the industry, enables us to find the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

Business Mobiles, Telephony and High-Speed Broadband

Our telephone and internet solutions are fast, efficient, and competitively priced.

Our knowledgeable technicians will offer advice on the best packages for your business. Whether you’re after a basic package that lets you send emails, or a super-fast broadband connection with your own leased line, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Connectivity to keep your business running, no matter what

Cloud-based connectivity is our bread and butter and we’ve supported many clients through lockdown by supplying the technology needed to keep their workforce engaged remotely.

With telephone and internet systems based securely online in the Cloud, you don’t have to rely on equipment that stays in the same physical location. You can log on from anywhere in the world – answering the phone, accessing files, responding to emails. Equally, our Hosted Telephony and internet solutions enable you to re-route calls to any location and pick up emails on the go, keeping your business functioning, whatever the situation.

A joined-up approach for seamless communication

When it comes to Telephony and broadband, we see the bigger picture.

As technology has developed, companies have built up an extensive portfolio of mobile, internet and telephone systems from different providers. But often, these channels fail to integrate and work effectively together.

Our holistic approach cuts through the clutter. We help businesses develop joined-up solutions, unifying communication functions into one simple system. That way, you can work more efficiently and pay only for the services that you need.


Made-to-measure telecoms designed with you in mind

We work with our clients on a bespoke and individual basis.

Our flexible, personalised approach enables us to analyse your data usage and business needs, tailoring a package to match. When you contact us, we’ll take the time to look in detail at your current set up: the tariffs and plans you’re already signed up to, and your allocated budget. We’ll create a tailored telecommunications infrastructure for your business, based on your unique goals.

IT support from the experts at Croft

All of our clients benefit from a fantastic level of support, so you can count on us to fix any issues that arise promptly.

With Croft Communications, you’ll never have to listen to the sound of the phone ringing unanswered, or speak to someone in a call centre who doesn’t know your business or its history. You’ll be assigned a friendly, dedicated Account Manager who will get to know your business and take care of everything you need.

Thermal imaging technology for a safer workplace

Whether you’re operating remotely or returning to the office, we’re here to support. For businesses returning to the physical workplace, Croft’s Thermal Imaging Cameras provide an excellent solution to keep your staff and customers safe.

Our thermal imaging technology supports organisations of all sizes to “Detect and Protect”, helping to pinpoint potential cases of COVID-19 before they are able to spread.

How does it work? Our Thermal Imaging Cameras are programmed to identify individuals with a high temperature – a well-known symptom of Coronavirus. It’s entirely contact-free and works in real-time.

Want to know more? Check out this short video:

Discover how Croft can help

We know how important it is in business to communicate effectively, at the same time as keeping costs down. We’re confident that we can make your communication problems ancient history, helping you to streamline your telecoms, save you money, and work more efficiently.

Find out more about our internet, business mobile, Telephony, and thermal imaging solutions by visiting our website – or give us a call on 01920 466 466.