Lucy Neave

An event in Hertfordshire will be one of nine in the UK to host a trial on vaccination passports within the next month.

A fun run being hosted at Hatfield House from April 24-25 is going to be used by the Government to trial the passport system.

Vaccination passports have been widely discussed by the Government and is a topic which has caused plenty of debate.

The passport trial is thought to require vaccination status or a recent negative Covid-19 test, or natural immunity, shown by producing a positive PCR test taken in the past six months.

However the Prime Minister will confirm precisely what regulations will be put into the trial as part of the Easter Monday announcement.

Three 10km fun runs will be held at the historic Hatfield House. 3,000 runners and up to 3,000 spectators are allowed at each run, making it an ideal event to trial.

Organisers from London Marathon Events say there has been a lot of interest in the fun runs.


Other major sporting events including the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium, Circus Nightclub in Liverpool and the Carabao Cup Final, also being held at Wembley Stadium, are set to be used as trials too.

The first event is due to begin as soon as next week and is part of the overall plan to scrap social distancing measures by June 21, reports The Mirror.

Scientists will be at the venues monitoring a number of things including the ventilation and people’s behaviour.

Vaccine passports have caused controversy across the board including amongst MPs.

There has been plenty of talk about vaccination passports with talk of them being brought in for pub-goers and other hospitality settings.

It’s thought officials are discussing vaccine passports or certificates and an update could be coming on Monday (April 5).

Vaccine passports have been discussed both domestically and internationally.