Herts entrepreneur stars on dragons den and secures investment

Lucy Neave

Herts’ viewers were able to see some real ‘home grown’ talent yesterday after NitNOT head lice technician, Eileen Hutchinson appeared on the well-known BBC show, Dragons’ Den.

Eileen is a head lice technician from Hemel Hempstead, she notably spent lockdown working on her own head lice treatment after having some bad experiences using it herself.

Her treatment was the first on the market to be non-flammable and have guaranteed results, in 2017 Eileen opened a clinic to treat people on site but faced some difficulties with staffing due to the impact of Covid-19.

Eileen faced, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, and Peter Jones as she hoped to secure an investment for her new approach to tackling the UK’s head lice dilemmas.

Eileen asked the dragons for a £40,000 investment for her clinic, hoping to make money from selling the product both online and treating people in person.

Eileen wants to invest more money into her physical clinic and when questioned on her business model it did get a little tricky.

Deborah Meeden grilled Ms. Hutchinson on her profits and how the clinic would make money. Eventually, the Dragons managed to convince Eileen that the clinic was not worth the investment after she made over £100,000 selling her product online.

Peter Jones was the first dragon to be out, saying he wasn’t convinced that investment was exciting enough. Tej Lalvani then made Eileen an offer, giving her all of the £40,000 investment for 30% of the business.

Eileen spoke of her dream to be in front of the dragons but knew it would be a tricky sell.

She said: “It’s been a dream of mine for many years to have the opportunity of presenting my NitNOT eco products to the Dragons, and the nation, and I was incredibly nervous when we filmed the show.

“Getting to this point has been tough, even the selection process is hard. I did everything you can possibly imagine to make sure I was ready for a challenging day, but nothing can prepare you for that moment when you step out of the lift. It feels like you’ve stepped out of the real world into your television set, it throws you back a bit.

“From experience I’m aware that the subject is especially tricky, I knew if I didn’t approach the subject from the right angle I may lose them based solely on their feelings towards head lice and nits”